PlayStation Are Giving Away a Free Game to New PS5 Owners – But Only In The US

Select games only, but they are all pretty good

PS5 console and DualSense controller

PlayStation is giving away a free select game to new PS5 owners as long as they activate their console before October 20th. The offer was spotted by an Eagle-eyed Reddit user and is only valid in the United States for “Eligible PSN account holders.”

The legal text for the upgrade offer can be read on PlayStation’s website and states that your new console must be activated by October 20th, 20023. The free game must also be redeemed by this date.

The PlayStation website doesn’t explain what constitutes a PS5 activation but I would assume just connecting it to the internet, downloading the latest system software and creating a PSN account would suffice.

Once your console is activated, the website says you should navigate to the PlayStation Store where it says you “may” see a banner for this offer. You can then click on this offer which takes you to the games page where you will see the eligible games you can choose from. Here’s the list of eligible games:

All of the games on offer are of course superb given that they are all PlayStation first-party games (except Death Stranding, which was developed by Kojima Productions.) All of them are or have been available on PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium at some point as well.

So there you go, if you live in the US and have just bought a new PS5 you can get a free awesome game to play on it. Of course, if you live in the rest of the world then you’re probably not getting anything free from PlayStation. This is primarily due to the fact that PlayStation is the dominant gaming brand in the rest of the world and only in the US does Sony face any real competition from Xbox.