Confirmed: PS5 Has Removeable Side Panels, Customisation Options Galore

Most customisable console ever

The recent PS5 teardown video has confirmed that the PS5 does indeed have removable side panels. The panels look pretty straightforward to remove from the console body and open up a wealth of customisation options for the PS5.

The PS5’s white plastic panels have long been rumoured to be swappable which would make the PS5 console very customisable.

PS5 Side Panels – a wealth of customisation options

The PlayStation 5 teardown video now confirms that the side panels are easy to remove. And, they look like they would be fairly simple to customise using paints, vinyl decals and other artistic materials.

Vinyl Decals have long been available for the PS4, and it won’t be too long before you see people selling decals for PS5 as well.

But what other options are there for customising your PS5 side Panels?

PlastiKote Paint

PlastiKore spray paint can be used to paint and customise your PS5 side panels in a wide range of colours and finishes. Gamers have used this spray paint to change the colours on their DualShock 4 controllers and give them a unique look.

The paint should work just as well for the PS5’s white plastic shell. Amazon has a massive range of colours and finishes as well as clear coats to give your PS5 panels that unique look.

Hydro Dipping

Hydro Dipping, sometimes known as immersion printing or water transfer, is a process that allows you to apply graphics and designs to almost any three-dimensional item.

Hydro Dipped DUalShock 4 PS4 controller

There seems to be a recent trend of people hydro dipping there DualShock 4 controller like the one seen above. There is a great explanation of hydro dipping and how to go about it on the website.

Side Panel Custom Replacements

Now that it is confirmed that the PS5 side panels can be removed and customised. I would expect to see a deluge of custom plastic moulded panels on the market.

PS5 side panels

Much like you could buy original PS4 front fascias in different colours and designs.

Plastic moulding companies and other manufacturers will likely begin to produce PS5 panels in all manner of colours and designs. It shouldn’t be too long before we see these replacement panels on sites like Amazon.