Fosmon 4-in-1 PS4 Charging Station Review

A low cost, sturdy and smart looking solution to store and charge your DualShock 4 and Move controllers

Fosmon 4 in 1 PS4 charging station

Have you got a couple of DualShock 4 controllers and a pair of Move controller lying around but no where to store or charge them? Then a charging station might be just what you’re looking for.

I had two spare DualShock’s and my move controllers just lying around and I couldn’t charge them all at once if I needed to, so I looked around for a nice all-in-one solution.

A quick search on Amazon and I found the Fosmon 4-in-1 PS4 Charging Station for DualShock and Move controllers ,

Dosmon 4in1 charging station for PS4

Fosmon 4in1 charging station box contents

The Gosmon 4-in-1 PS4 Charging Station is a useful and low-cost accessory for your controller storage and charging needs.

Inside the box you get the charging station, a dual USB cable and the instruction leaflet.

The unit is made from sturdy plastic and is actually quite robust. The DualShock controllers clip in to the clear plastic holders on the side of the unit and micro USB connectors built-in to the unit connect to the micro USB charging port on the controller. The DualShock controllers are held very securely so they will never accidentally fall out.

The Move controllers dock nicely in the charging slots on the 4-in-1 unit and charge via the two pin slots on the base of the controller. The Move controllers can wobble a little bit when docked, but that’s mostly due to the shape of the controller, but since the 4-in-1 Charging Station is supposed to be stationary anyway, that shouldn’t be an issue.

A dual USB cable is supplied with the Fosmon 4-in-1 PS4 Charging Station, which means you can plug 2 female USB ends in to the PS4 and the micro USB end in to the charging station for maximum charging power. I tried charging 2 DualShock’s and 2 move controllers using only one USB port on the PS4, and amazingly the Charging Station was still able to draw enough power from the PS4 to light up all four controllers and have them charging.

The Fosmon 4-in-1 PS4 Charging Station is a nice, compact unit. Measuring at only 7.13 x 2.77 x 2.389 inches and finished in a smart black plastic with a sleek modern curved design it will certainly  look at home next to your TV.

At only £12.99, the Fosmon 4-in-1 PS4 Charging Station won’t break the bank and it is the ideal accessory to store your DualShock and move controllers.