Ghost of Tsushima: Where to Find Seiryuu’s Glare Mask

For a warrior with the heart of a dragon

Ghost of Tsushima: Seiryuu's Glare mask

Sieryuu’s Glare Mask is one of many masks that can be collected and equipped in Ghost of Tsushima.

The mask looks very frightening and will certainly strike fear into the hearts of Jin’s enemies. Seiryuu’s Glare seems to be styled after a dragon, it is blue in colour with red teeth.

The mask description reads: For a warrior with the heart of a dragon.

Here’s where to find the mask.

Seiryuu’s Glare mask location

Seiryuu’s Glare can be found at Sago Mill. Sago Mill is located in the northern, snowy region of Kamiagata. Sago Mill is situated on the west side of Kamiagata.

Ghost of Tsushima Seiryuu's Glare mask map location of Sago Mill

If you have fast travelled to Sago Mill, walk across the wooden bridge on the right to get to the other side of the mill.

Seiryuu’s Glare mask can be found inside the building on the right after you cross the bridge.

Seiryuu's Glare mask building

Enter the building and you will find the mask attached to some sort of pole, which is suspended from a wooden roof beam.

Seiryuu's Glare mask location inside building

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