Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.30 is here and it’s pretty good

Horizon Zero Dawn update brings New Game+ mode and new Trophies amongst other things

Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.30

While we patiently wait for The Frozen Wilds DLC to arrive, Guerilla Games has rather nicely released a FREE update to Horizon Zero Dawn which adds some lovely new features.

Update 1.30 which just released yesterday brings additional fixes to the game, but most importantly it adds a New Game+ option, which lets you start a new playthrough but you get to keep all your armour, weapons and loot from your previous game.

There is also a new difficulty level called Ultra hard. The new difficulty level enhances machine senses and behaviour. If you choose to do a New Game+ playthrough you can choose from different difficulty settings, however the difficulty setting is locked and can’t be changed mid game.

The update also includes updated versions of existing weapons and armour, such as the Carja Blazen Adept armour, Adept Sharpshot Bow and Adept Sling. The Adept gear has an extra modification slot.

Update 1.30 also comes with new unlockables like being able to add face paint or change Aloy’s focus. There is also two new trophies to collect, New Game+ Completed (complete a New Game+ playthrough on any difficulty) and Ultra Hard Completed (complete a New Game+ playthrough on Ultra Hard difficulty.)

The New Game+ feature is what I am most excited about, I had a quick look at it earlier and it seems to start you off at the Point of the Spear quest, which has you collecting items to make Fire Arrows and then defeat a Sawtooth.

This is a very much welcome update to Horizon Zero Dawn and should give us an excuse to re-live Aloy’s adventures until The Frozen Wilds is out.