Horizon DLC ‘The Frozen Wilds’ Pre-Order now up on UK PS Store

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC ‘The Frozen Wilds’ is now avaialble for pre-order on the UK PlayStation Store

The Frozen Wilds DLC now on UK PS Store

Yesterday I updated the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds post with the information that the DLC was available for pre-order on the US PlayStation store, but sadly not on the UK/Europe store.

I also tweeted @Guerrilla Games and @PlayStationUK to ask when The Frozen Wilds would appear on the UK/European store and if we would get the same PS Plus members discount. I received this reply;


I actually thought it was really nice of Guerrilla Games to reply and quickly as well.

Turns out it did not take too long for PlayStation to push the DLC live. I have just checked the UK store and I am very pleased to say that The Frozen Wilds is now available for pre-order.

The Frozen Wilds DLC pre-order is now on the UK PS Store
The Frozen Wilds DLC pre-order is now on the UK PS Store

As you can see from the screen shot, the game will release on 31st December, the same time as the US and we get the PS Plus discount, bringing the DLC down to £14.39 from £15.99

Even at £15.99, The Frozen Wilds is a very good value for money DLC, apparently there will be about 10 hours worth of gameplay, that’s probably not even counting exploration and any new trophies. That equates to £1.59.9p per hour of gameplay, possibly even less. You can’t get much for £1.59 these days.

Only 199 days and counting until we get to go on our next Adventure with Aloy.