I finally got the Platinum Trophy for Assassin’s Creed Origins

I finally earned them all!

The road to Platinum in Assassin’s Creed Origins was long and arduous but I finally succeeded in unlocking the most prized of all trophies, a trophy made from the most precious of elements, the Platinum.

If you have been reading some of my Papyrus Puzzle solutions over the past month or so, you’ll know that I was expecting the platinum to drop when I completed the final papyrus puzzle. This what not to be, turns out I had one more location that had eluded me after all this time.

I had scoured the map view looking for any stray question marks that I might have missed or any incomplete location I had started earlier in the game but never finished but I could not find anything. I started to get a bit worried that I had fell victim to a glitch that happens when you complete a location when playing as Aya. This particular glitch happens if you complete a location when playing as Aya and the location doesn’t transfer over to Bayek, meaning you can’t complete the Old Habits trophy.

For the life of me I couldn’t remember If I had complete a location as Aya but I soldiered on anyway hoping that I would come across a location that had gone undiscovered.

I thought I would finish some side quests that I had still to do to pass the time while searching for this unknown location that was keeping me from my ultimate prize. I decided to head to Saqqara Nome and start the Rites of Anubis side quest, the one where you have to light three torches. I had just lit the third torch and was riding my trusty stead back to Nefertari to complete the quest and that’s when I saw it. Out of absolutely nowhere at white question mark popped up on the HUD, could this be it? I though, could this be the last location I need to unlock the platinum?

I turned my horse in the direction of the question mark and whipped that sucker to make him run like the wind towards the location. I eventually came across a new  discovered location, Mryitmw High and I had to loot one treasure.

Assassins Creed origins platinum trophy screenshot

My heart was beating, palms where sweating I could barely grip the controller. I jumped of my horse and managed to find the treasure chest I had to loot. A press of the triangle button for a second and the loot was mine, the location was complete and then it happened, all my time and effort had finally paid off, the Old Habits trophy popped up on the screen and directly after that the Earn Them All! trophy popped up on the screen. The platinum was finally mine.

According to my in game stats in Club Ubi, my total playtime when the platinum unlocked was 105 hours.

AC Origins platinum 100 percent

That’s my story of how I got the platinum trophy in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Are you still working towards unlocking it? I’ll give you some tips and link to some useful sites that should help you on your way.

Fast Travel Points & Locations

There are 58 fast travel points or viewpoints throughout the world. Try and synchronise them all as it will make it much easier to spot undiscovered locations. It also helps Senu find objectives and other things much easier.

There are some locations that are not found from the viewpoints and you have to discover them by roaming the particular area of the map. These locations are listed on the Old Habits Achievement guide on trueachievements.com.

The page on trueachievements.com also has a ton of other useful info for completing all locations, someone has even posted a list of all the locations in the game you can use as a checklist.

Other useful sites

Powerpyx.com has a fantastic Assassin’s Creed Origins trophy guide and road map. It helped me a lot when a was trying to unlock certain trophies. The site also has a great guide for finding all Stone Circles, Hermit Locations and Tombs.

And of course there is my papyrus puzzle solutions should you need any help finding the hidden treasure.