Photo Mode Friday No. 6 – Control Ultimate Edition PS5

Some virtual photography from inside the Federal Bureau of Control

Constrol Ultimate Edition PS5 screenshot

Control is one of my favourit3e games of the last few years. It has an intriguing premise about a Federal Agency that basically deals with paranormal stuff. The game sees the main character Jesse Faden searching for her brother at the Federal Bureau of Control. Jesse ends up becoming the Bureau’s Director and she has to investigate and solve all kinds of paranormal shenanigans.

I first played Control on PS4 but completed the game before developer Remedy Entertainment patched in a photo mode. That’s why I was thrilled when Control Ultimate Edition for PS5 was included with PlayStation Plus back in February 2021.

Control has a pretty decent photo mode, not as great as Spider-Man Miles Morales, Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us Part I but good nonetheless. The photo mode has all the usual features you would expect like different filters, camera options and things like that. But it is the level design, atmosphere and general aesthetics of the Federal Bureau of Control that make for some great screenshots.

Check out my Control Ultimate Edition screenshots below.

Control Ultimate Edition Photo Mode Screenshots