PlayStation Shines Spotlight on PSVR This Week, Reiterates No PS5 News

It’s all about PS VR this week, no PS5 news

Spotlight on PSVR this week no PS5 news

PlayStation shines the spotlight on PS VR games this week, firmly crushing the hopes and dreams of millions of fans who where expecting some PS5 news.

This week PlayStation will be shining the spotlight on some upcoming games for PlayStation VR, which includes announcements and updates on previously revealed games.

However, to keep out expectations in check, the blog post states that “there‚Äôll be no PS5-related news.”

PlayStation blog states no PS5 news along with PSVR annoucnements

PlayStation social media and marketing teams have clearly been doing the rounds on Reddit and Twitter. They know that fans all over the world are clambering for any tiny scrap of PS5 news.

So the executives at PlayStation feel that they need to help manage our expectations on PlayStation 5 news, in a post that is all about PlayStation VR.

The article on the PlayStation Blog seems to put to rest the rumour that there will be some kind of event or news on the 9th of September. The 25th anniversary of the first PlayStation’s launch in North America.

It seems any announcement from team PlayStation this week will be all about PSVR games.

Looks like it will be another week devoid of any PS5 info I’m afraid. There’s always next week though.

PS VR Sales on the PlayStation Store

Back on the topic of PlayStation VR, starting on Wednesday, September 9th (PS5 event rumour on that date debunked), The PS Store will be a having a sale on some fantastic PS VR titles.

Super VR games like Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Blood & Truth, Arizona Sunshine and Everybody’s Golf VR will be getting a discounted price for a limited time.

I highly recommend Blood & Truth, it is like a James Bond-style first-person shooter that will actually make you feel like you’re in an action movie.

Everybody’s Golf is also superb. Even if you have never played golf before you’ll love it. Playing with the move controller is the best experience.

So, there we have it. No PS5 news yet again and our hopes that there would be some kind of news or event on the 9th of September seem to have been quashed.

If Sony does still plan to launch the PS5 this year, then surely some price information, pre-order details and just more info on the console, in general, can’t be too far away. Fingers crossed.