PS5 Uncovered: Leaked Photo Reignites Removable Side Panel Rumour

This PS5 appears to be topless

PS5 Uncovered: Photo reignites side panel rumour

UPDATE – Photo could be fake as the original poster is apparently trying to sell PS5 UI footage for €100. It is sometimes difficult to tell of photos alleging to show various things about the PS5 are real or fake. As always, unless Sony shows it or you see it with your own eyes, it’s all speculation.

Original Story:

You may remember back in late July some photos were leaked on Twitter. These photos supposedly showed that the PS5’s white side panels were removable and presumably customisable.

Another photo has emerged on the PlayStation 5 Subreddit that shows one of the side panels removed. Reigniting the rumour that the white plastic panels could indeed be removed, swapped and/or customised. The photo also appears to show the PS5 uncovered.

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Reddit user Zelser has posted the above image which seems to show the inside of one of the PS5’s side panels. From the photo, we can see the hooks or catches where the panel would fit into the main body of the console.

If this photo is legit, which is certainly seems to be, then it would definitely seem that the PlayStation 5 white panels are indeed removable and potentially swappable for more customised and fancy designs.

As another Reddit user pointed out though, the side panels were probably designed to be removed. As the expandable SSD storage would have to be installed underneath because there doesn’t seem to be a place on the rear of the console for an additional SSD.

The question then is, will Sony make side panels with different designs, or allow third parties to make them?

PS5 Uncovered

Even more revealing in the photo is what could possibly be our first look at what the PS5 looks like underneath the side panels.

PS5 with no side panels
Possible PS5 without a side panel. Image credit: u/Zelser, Reddit

The top of the photo shows what could potentially a look at the PS5 underneath the side panel.

On the right, we can see the fan covered by a fan guard. Although it does look like a guard you more commonly see on an industrial fan. At a guess, I would say the fan is probably 100mm in diameter.

On the left, we can see a metal plate which is possible housing or covering the disc drive. on the outer edge of the black PS5 looking box, we can also see what appears to be the protrusions or fins that presumably act as PSV vents.

A very interesting photo indeed. Hopefully, the side panels will be customisable and either Sony or third parties release different colours and designs. That would truly make the PS5 very customisable, just like the PlayStation VP of User Experience said a while ago.

We’ll soon get to see for ourselves if the panels are removable and if the photo really does show the PS5 uncovered.

PlayStation 5 is due to launch in about a month and a half.

Source: Reddit

Image Credit: u/Zelser