The First Photos Emerge of the PS5 Slim in the Wild

The PS5 has trimmed down a bit

PS5 Slim console next to original PS5 console

Sony is yet to announce an actual release date for the new, slimmer PS5 model, unofficially dubbed the ‘PS5 Slim.’ But someone has managed to get their hands on the console and has posted pictures of the new PS5 to social media.

The photos of the PS5 Slim were posted to X by Zuby_tech who credits @phantompainss as the original source of the photos.

The new PS5 Slim is a bit smaller and slimmer than the original PS5 model but it’s not just the dimensions or weights that have changed. In a side-by-side comparison image posted by Zuby_tech, Sony has decided to re-position the rear connection ports on the new slim model.
PS5 slim and original PS5 side by side showing the rear connection ports. The position of theconnection ports have changed on the PS5 slim

As one X/Twitter user pointed out, the position of the HDMI port has changed. When stood vertically the port is now at the top of the PS5 Slim. The ports have essentially been flipped on the PS5 Slim it seems.

PS5 Slim Quick Facts

  • Will come in both disc and digital versions
  • The digital version has an attachable disc drive which is sold separately
  • To stand the PS5 slim vertically, you have to buy a separate vertical stand which costs £25.00
  • The PS5 SlimThe Ultra-HD Blu-ray model will cost $499.99/£479.99 also has changeable console covers with new colours coming in early 2024.
  • The Ultra HD Blu-ray model will cost £479.99/$499.99
  • The digital edition will cost £389.99/$449.99

PS5 Slim Launch

The PS5 Slim is expected to be available this month in the U.S. and possibly Japan. It will be available from select retailers and from PlayStation Direct. Sony has not specifically said when the PS5 Slim will be available in the UK or Europe only that “It will continue to roll out globally in the following months.”

The new PS5 model was rumoured to launch on November 8th with a Spider-Man 2 bundle. But as we are getting pretty close to that date with no word from Sony, the rumoured date may not be accurate.

However, it does look like the PS5 Slim will be bundled with Modern Warfare 3, as as the bundle’s box has already been spotted on a retailer’s shelf.