Sony Trademarks “Heighten Your Senses” Slogan for DualSense Controller

Your senses will be heightened with the DualSense

sony regsiters heighten your senses trademark as dualsense controller slogan

Sony has recently trademarked a rather nifty slogan for the PS5’s DualSesne Controller. During the PS5 reveal event, Sony introduced us to the PS5’s “Play Has No Limits” slogan, now they have one for the DualSense too.

The Game Post reports that Sony registered the new slogan on June 12th. The day after the PlayStation 5 Reveal event.

DualSense controller

The DualSense  controller will Heighten Your Senses

Sony has chosen a slogan for the DualSense that really sums up the features and capabilities of the controller.  “Heighten Your Senses.” The new controller for PS5 features adaptive triggers and haptic feedback which are designed to increase your immersion when playing games. So the slogan is perfect for the DualSense.

The new DualSense controller’s Haptic Feedback will let you feel things like rain when playing games and the sluggishness of moving through water or quicksand for example. And the adaptive triggers will simulate the tension of pulling a bowstring back. Perfect for games like Horizon Forbidden West.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime in Holiday 2020. So it’s only a few months until you get your senses well and truly heightened.