Star Wars Jedi Survivor Was The Most Downloaded PS5 Game on the PS Store in April

The Last of Us Part 2 was the most downloaded PS4 game

Star Wars Jedi Survivor screenshot - Cal Kestis holding his lightsaber in black and white

PlayStation has just published the most downloaded games from the PlayStation Store in April. Star Wars Jedi Survivor, which was released right at the tail end of April was the most downloaded PS5 game in both the US and Europe.

Dead Island 2 was a close second on both sides of the pond while the third most downloaded game in the US was MLB The Show 23. The Third most downloaded game in Europe was the juggernaut which is Grand Theft Auto 5.

For PS4 games the most downloaded game on the PlayStation Store in the US and Europe was The Last of Us Part 2. The Last of Us Part 2 was originally released in 2020 but the entire franchise has seen a resurgence thanks to the awesome The Last of Us TV show.

For PS VR2 games, Creed Rise to Glory – Championship Edition was the most downloaded in the US while Pavlov was the most downloaded in Europe. Pavlov was the second most downloaded PS VR2 game in the US and Creed Rise to Glory was the second most downloaded game in Europe.

While we’re on the subject of PS VR2, there are a couple of cracking games coming out for Sony’s VR headset this week, including the incredibly fun Walkabout Mini Golf. VR Survival Horror game Organ Quarter also got stealth dropped onto the PlayStation Store today and it looks like it might be worth checking out.