More PlayStation Remasters Could be On The Way

Leaked data shows that remastered games are mostly bought by day one early adopters

Bloodborne key art and screnshot from InFamous

Sony could end up producing more PlayStation remasters as data leaked from the Insomniac Games hack shows that there is a demand for them. The leaked data also shows that some remasters are mostly bought by early adopters – players who want to be the first to play the remastered game.

The leaked data, which looks like part of a presentation was leaked by Twitter/X user FunkyClam. The data shows how Spider-Man Remastered, The Last of Us Remastered & The Last of Us Part 1 were mostly bought by early adopters.

The data also shows three other games that were mostly bought by early adopters. By early adopters, I am guessing that Sony is referring to players who buy the games on the day of release, i.e. players who want to play the game first.

In the case of Spider-Man Remastered, the leaked data shows that 44% of the people who bought the remastered game were early adopters. The data shows a similar story for The Last of Remastered and Part 1, with 41% of people who bought these games being day one buyers.

It’s a similar story for the unnamed game 4, game 5 and Nioh 1 & 2 Remastered. The slide shows that the percentage of day-one buyers for the remastered games where higher than the day-one buyers for the original release. Except Nioh 1 & 2.

In contrast, the leaked data shows that the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves collection had a much higher percentage of late adopters. This was due to the collection being included in PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium in March 2023.

Original God of War trilogy cover art
The original God of War trilogy is rumoured to be getting remastered

More Remasters Make Sense

Although I am not a massive fan of game remasters, particularly for games that aren’t that old It does seem that based on this data alone Sony could very well release more. A recent rumour suggests that the original God of War Trilogy could be getting remastered. There are also rumours of a Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster as well. Also recently Sony has announced The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered which is released on January 19th.

Apart from the previously mentioned games, what Sony could remaster next is anyone’s guess. Of course, many PlayStation Fans are crying out for a Bloodborne remaster or remake. Fans would also like to see remasters of Infamous, SOCOM, and Killzone as well as some other classic PlayStation games.

The data shows that remasters are probably worth investing in for Sony. There are certainly a few older games that I would like to see remastered with better graphics and more modern controls. But on the other hand, sometimes a remake is the better way to go because older games can still look and feel old, even with shinier graphics.

Source: Twitter via r/GamingLeaksandRumours