PS5 Trophies for PS4 Exclusive Vehicle Combat Game Hardware Rivals Have Appeared

Sony might be reviving PS4 exclusive Hardware Rivals

Hardware Rivals PS5 game start up screen

The now closed-down and delisted PS4 exclusive multiplayer vehicular combat game Hardware Rivals looks set to be getting a resurgence on PS5.

As spotted by Gematsu on X, trophies for a PS5 game called Hardware Rivals Lite have appeared on the trophy tracking website Exophase. The game has 27 trophies in total including two sets of DLC trophies.

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Hardware Rivals originally launched exclusively on PS4 in January 2016 after a public beta in 2015. The PS4 game was a successor to the PS2 game Hardware: Online Arena. According to the game’s Wikipedia entry, when it launched it was met with mixed reception and it was ultimately shut down in 2021.

Hardware Rivals was developed by the London-based SCE Connected Content Group and published at the time by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Different Trophies to the PS4 Game

Gematsu has noticed that the PS5 trophies are different to the original PS4 game and include the two DLC trophy sets called Campaign and Aggregation.

A user on the r/GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit has also spotted a Twitter account from 2020 that appeared to post gameplay from the game.

The account Gumpf1234 also posted a screenshot of the game’s start-up screen and what looks like an early PS5 share test from August 2020.

Gematsu and other users on Reddit speculate that the game was used to test the PS5 in some form. Gumpf1234 may be a PlayStation developer who was testing the PS5 share feature.

Other Reddit users have pointed out that the PS5 version has more trophies than the original PS4 version. Because of this, it is unclear why the title has the word ‘Lite’ in it.

Currently, the nature of the PS5 version of Hardware Rivals remains a mystery. Sony hasn’t previously announced a remake or remaster of this game. It could be part of Sony’s PS5 live-service line-up. We might find out more later tonight when PlayStation holds its next State of Play.