Insomniac Hack and Subsequent Info Leak Goes Public

Wolverine leaked

Wolverine screenshot with Insomniac Games logo

Last week it was reported that Spider-Man 2 developer Insomniac Games had been hacked. Cyberdaily reported that the studio had suffered a ransomware attack and that the hackers had stolen a ton of info, including stuff from the upcoming game Marvel’s Wolverine. Also stolen in the hack and probably the most nefarious of all was employee’s personal information.

The hackers, who go by the name Rhysida, had posted some screenshots of what was stolen as proof of the hack. The screenshots reportedly show employee data such as passport scans as well as screenshots of the currently in development Marvel’s Wolverine.

Now Lance McDonald, a content creator who talks about things like jailbreaking and other technical things like that has taken to Twitter/X to report that the hack has leaked publicly. Previously the hackers only leaked a small sample of the data they stole as a proof-of-hack. They were asking for 2 million dollars for the info, either from Insomniac or a private buyer. Clearly, no one took them up on their offer.

Wolverine leaked

McDonald says that he expects gameplay footage from Wolverine to start appearing online, similar to what happened with the GTA 6 leak. McDonald also says that there is a bootable build of the game in the leak but it requires a PS5 devkit to run.

Alan Wake 2 developer Remedy Entertainment has also taken to Twitter to give their sympathies and show support to Insomniac Games. “After all the effort and dedication they have poured into their games, they didn’t deserve this. No one does.” Remedy said in their Tweet.

After the initial hack was reported online, Sony confirmed that they were aware of the attack on Insomniac. “We are aware of reports that Insomniac Games has been the victim of a cyber security attack,” a Sony spokesperson said. “We are currently investigating this situation. We have no reason to believe that any other SIE or Sony divisions have been impacted.”

The r/GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit has already posted a compilation of all the info that was stolen and then publicly shared from the Insomniac Games hack. The leaked Wolverine info includes concept art, gameplay footage and more.

Also leaked was a complete roadmap for Insomniac’s game development pipeline. This includes a Veno DLC or half-sequel type game, Spider-Man 3, an X-Men game and a new Ratchet and Clank game. Other information leaked includes Sony’s first-party game sales numbers and a lot of other information as well.

About 1.7 TB of data was allegedly stolen from Insomniac Games’ servers. It’s fair to say that this leak runs pretty deep and more information and leaks are sure to appear online in the coming days.