The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: Chapter 25 On Foot Safe Combination

A winning lottery ticket holds the key to opening this safe

the last of us part 2 guide:all safe combinations and codes

This guide will show you how to get the safe combination for the safe located in Chapter 25 – On Foot.

This is the second half of the game and there will be potential spoilers from this point on. If you haven’t played this part fo the game yet and don’t want it to be potentially spoiled, then stop reading now.

Once you have exited the warehouse building with the large boat inside. You will be heading along the road with your companions. You should notice a trailer/mobile home to your left.

The trailer door will be locked, so just smash a window and climb on in. Once you are inside, head to the side of the trailer where the main door is. Here you should see an artefact to collect. Collect the artefact/note and read it to reveal a clue about the On Foot safe combination.

The note mentions that they are still using “The Big Win” as the safe combination.

Turn around and find the notice board on a wall in between two windows. On the notice board, there will be a pinned lottery ticket with the winning numbers circled in red. 17-38-07. These numbers are the On Foot safe combination.

Now let’s get to the safe.

Exit the trailer via the door and go around to the right side of the building opposite and look for this crack in the wall.

Squeeze through the crack and you will find the safe on the left. Enter the combination 17-38-07 and you will get yourself a nice Hunting Pistol and some other resources.