The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: Downtown Gate West 2 Safe

Location of the second safe in the Downtown chapter

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The safe at Gate West 2 is the second safe you can find in the Downtown chapter in The Last of Us Part 2. This chapter takes place in act Seattle Day 1. In this guide, I will show you where to find the Gate West 2 safe.

The Gate West 2 safe is located on Madison St., just north of the block with the Courthouse Building.

Once you are at that general area, Gate West 2 is pretty hard to miss, just look for the location shown int he screenshot below and the sign that says Gate West 2.

Squeeze through the gap in the gate, then turn right at the fence/handrail, go up the steps and the safe will be directly in front of you next to a shelving unit.

Notice the graffiti on the wall to the left of the safe that says “use gate code”. Press the touchpad to open your inventory, press R1 to tab over to your artefacts and then read the Checkpoint Gate Codes artefact which you would have picked up in the previous chapter ‘The Gate’.

Take a mental note of the West 2 code of 0451 and use that code to open the safe.

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