UK Retailer GAME Will Have More PS5’s In Stock Tomorrow Morning

Now’s your chance to secure one

Gmae UK will have PS5 pre-orders available 25th September UK

PS5 consoles have pretty much sold out everywhere since pre-orders opened up on the 17th. PlayStation 5 consoles pre-orders are currently harder to find than intelligent alien life in the universe.

But, if you still haven’t managed to secure your PS5 pre-order yet, you might just get a chance tomorrow morning.

UK games and console retailer has Tweeted that some more stock of PlayStation 5’s will be arriving late tomorrow morning (UK time).

Stocks will be limited though, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the PS5 page and keep hitting refresh until you see that glorious Pre-Order Now button.

The PS5 is priced at £449.99 for the standard disc version and £359.99 for the digital edition.

GAME only seem to have been doing bundles in the past, so you might have to pick up a console along with a spare DualSense or another PS5 accessory.

Good luck securing your pre-order.