Watch Dogs Legion: Safehouse Collectables Guide

Audio logs, Relics and Masks ripe for the picking

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest game in the Watch Dogs series. It is an open-world game and as you would expect it has a number of collectables that can be found throughout the world.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you where all the collectables (audio logs, etc) are in the Safehouse. This is the Safehouse you enter through the pub at the beginning of the game.

The Safehouse is located in the City of Westminster area as shown in the map screenshot below.

Watch Dogs Legion Safehouse Collectables guide - map location of Safehouse

It is mainly audio logs that are found in the Safehouse. Collecting the audio logs is required for the Oral History trophy(collect 50 audio logs.)

Now, let’s get on with finding these collectables. There is also a video guide at the end of the article if you prefer that.

Watch Dogs Legion Safehouse Collectables

There are seven collectables in the Safehouse: five Audio logs, one mask and one Relic.

1 – Audio log – The Bug: Albion, Shmalbion

When you first go through the Safehouse door at the back of the pub, take a left down a tunnel with lots of mannequins. At the end fo the tunnel you will find the audio log.

Safehouse Collectables: Audio log 1 location

2 – Relic – Floppy Disk

After the last collectagble, turn around and go back down the tunnel. Now take a left and go down the double staircase to the main Safehouse area. Then run right and go towards a metal staircase. Underneath this staircase you will find the Floppy Disk Relic. The relic is for an old game called NewSkies.

Safehouse Collectables: Floppy Disl Relic

3 – Audio log – The Upload: ctOS 3.NO

After picking up the last relic, go up the metal staircase onto the balcony. You will find the audio log on the right, sitting next to a server rack just at the top of the stairs.

Safehouse Collectables: Audio log 2

4 – Wardrobe Item – Mask

From the last collectable, turn to your lef slightly and head allt he way to the end of the balcony/catwalk where you will find another collectable. This time it is a mask you can wear.

Safehouse collectables: Mask

5 – Audio log – Upload: Eyes on the Skye

Now head back down the staircase, at the bottom turn right then left into a booth thing with seats. Head straight to the back of this booth and you will find another audio log sitting on top of a beer keg.

Safehouse collectables: Audio log 3

6 – Audio log – BuccanEar: Big Brother Meats Big Data

From the previous location turn right and head towards your main objective. Except go to the back left of the room and you will find this audio log sitting on a desk in the corner.

Watch Dogs Legion Safehouse collectables - Audio log 4

7 -Audio log – The Upload: Opting Out of Optik

From the last location, turn to your right and walk straight ahead into another tunnel with mannequins. Follow the tunnel into the bear knuckly boxing ring area. Turn directly left and in the corner, you will find this audio log.

Safehouse collectables: Audio log 5

Safehouse Collectables Video Guide

And that is all the Watch Dogs Legion Safehouse collectables. Feel free to subscribe to PlayStation Fanatic on YouTube, where I’ll be uploading more Watch Dog Legion videos.