You Won’t Be Able to Expand Your PS5 Storage At Launch

Expandable storage is reserved for a future update

PS5 SSD storage won;t be expandable on day one

Sony has confirmed to The Verge that the PS5 will not support expandable SSD storage at launch. So if you were going to ask Santa for a Gen 4 M.2 SSD for Christmas, now is the time to amend your Christmas present list.

As we saw during the official PS5 teardown, the PS5 will have an easy access slot to pop in an M.2 SSD to expand the PS5’s storage. However, Sony has now told The Verge that the slot will be disabled out fo the box and will be “reserved for a future update.”

PS5 Disc version console

The PS5 SSD will have a total storage capacity of 825GB. After you take of the space used by the operating system and other system-related stuff, the usable storage space will be a bit smaller. If recent leaks are accurate, the PS5 will only have 664GB of usable space.

If you were planning to buy a decent selection of PS5 games coming at launch or just after, you’re not going to be able to install them all probably. Especially if you are getting COD Black Ops: Cold War, which has a monster install size of 133GB.

Other PS5 launch games also have pretty hefty install sizes but not quite as much as Black Ops: Cold War. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, which includes Spider-Man Remastered clocks in at 105GB. While Miles Morales standard edition weighs in at 50GB. Sackboy A Big Adventure is a bit on the lighter side at only 32GB in size.

Sony is yet to confirm exacly what SSDs will be compatible with their next-gen console. Until that and the update to unlock the PS5’s expandable storage slot happens, don’t go rushing out to buy an expensive M.2 SSD.