A Lot Of PS5 Players Are Having Problems With Error CE-107982-7 Right Now – Updated

Looks like it is fixed now

screenshot of error CE-107982-7

Update: The CE-107982-7 error appears to be fixed now. I was able to download Resident Evil 4 VR mode a few minutes ago. Other PS5 owners are also reporting that the issue is fixed.

So there I was trying to download the Resident Evil 4 VR Mode and suddenly I was hit with error CR-107982-7. The VR Mode wouldn’t download. I tried completely deleting the Resident Evil 4 game via Storage. I also tried deleting my Resident Evil 4 save file from both internal console storage and cloud storage. Alas, nothing would work.

If you are having this problem then you are not alone. There are threads on the r/PlayStationPlus subreddit and the r/PS5 subreddit with PS5 owners facing the same CE-107982-7 error.

If you are faced with this error message when trying to download any PS5 games, whether it is from the PS Store, your library or from PlayStation Plus then it looks like the only solution is to wait it out until Sony fixes it.

The thread on the PlayStation Plus subreddit appeared only a couple of hours ago. Whereas the thread on the PS5 subreddit was posted just an hour ago. So this is an issue that has only cropped up recently. Although this error is frustrating, the good news is that it is not a problem with your PS5 console. From the threads mentioned above it certainly does point to an issue on the PSN side of things.

A post on the r/PlayStation subreddit by a frustrated PS5 owner who contacted PlayStation Support says that Sony is actively working on a fix but there is no time frame.

The error CE-107982-7 seems to be popping up whenever someone tries to download any type of PS5 content. It appears to be a widespread issue so let’s hope Sony can fix it soon. I want to play Resident Evil 4 in VR Godammit.