Destiny 2’s ‘Almighty’ Live Event Ends With a Drawn-Out Bang

A slow start to an explosive finish

Destiny 2's Almighty live event ends witha drawn-out bang

I’ve not played Destiny 2 since season 9, but I do look to read up on the latest Destiny 2 news on r/DestinyTheGame to see if the game is worth playing again. When I read about a live event that was taking place today at the daily reset, I had to check it out.

The live event wasn’t a playable event but a Fortnite style live event that takes place in the game in real-time.

The event, from what I can gather was to pretty much signal an end to Destiny 2’s season 10. In season 10 an extremely large weapon/starship called The Almighty is hurtling towards the Last City on Earth. Guardians had to complete numerous bounties to charge up Rasputin the Warmind AI. Then Rasputin would have enough power to destroy the almighty.

The live event that took place today at the daily reset (6 pm BST), was to witness Rasputin blowing up the Almighty.

Destiny 2 live event rasputin almighty

Bungie tweeted yesterday that Guardians should make their way to the tower at today’s daily reset to witness the spectacle of the Almighty being destroyed by Rasputin.

And indeed quite a lot of Guardians did turn up at The Tower at the daily reset to watch the live event unfold. Unfortunately, though, the live event got off to a very,l very slow start.

An Almighty slow build-up

What most people thought would be over in about 10 minutes actually took about an hour and a half to come to its conclusion.  There was about an hour of an image of a very distant Almighty just sitting in the sky before anything started to happen. Then read streaks appeared in the sky, I think these were missiles being fired by Rasputin.

Then specks of light begun to appear around the image of the Almighty. I think this was to show the missiles were hitting the massive ship speeding towards the Last City.

Destiny 2 almihgty falling from sky

Eventually, though, there was a bright light in the sky followed by a thunderous sound of an explosion as The Almighty appeared covered in flames. Blown out of its trajectory by Rasputin’s missiles. It wasn’t blown-up exactly, I was kind of hoping to see The Almighty completely destroyed with debris burning up as they entered the atmosphere. Like meteors.

Except, the image of the Almighty covered in fire reminded me of the scene in Independence Day. Where the finally destroy the huge mothership and it comes crashing down in a ball of flames.

The actual explosion in the sky and then watching the Almighty crash towards earth covered in flames. And then blow up behind a mountain range was pretty cool. But the lead-up to this really should have been much shorter.

There where angry players on Twitter complaining that Bungie wasn’t respecting their time. And I have to agree, I really was not expecting to be sitting staring at my TV for an hour and a half just to witness an explosion.

In the end, the event did go out with a bang, a long-drawn-out bang.

Bungie, if you are going to do more live events like this in the future, for the love of God, make them shorter.