Destiny 2’s Coldheart Exotic Weapon Looks Amazing

Coldheart is a brand new exotic for Destiny 2 and you can get it if you pre-order

Destiny 2 Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle

I just got done watching the IGN First video about the Coldheart Exotic, a new weapon in Destiny 2.

The Coldheart is an exotic Trace Rifle which is a new weapon type for Destiny 2. This thing looks amazing.

The Coldheart is a new Exotic weapon from the Omolon foundry, it is a new technology to help Guardians defend the city. The Coldheart has liquid fuel ammo which doubles as coolant for the weapon.

From the footage in the video, it looks like the Coldheart fires a beam of this liquid ammo which just absolutely destroys anything in its path. From the colour of the beam it looks like it deals Arc damage.

The Coldheart is a Trace Rifle according to the video which is a brand new weapon type. In the video Bungie states that the Coldheart will be the only Trace Rifle we will get to use but there is no reason why it could not become a new archetype. Maybe in future DLC we will see more Trace Rifle weapons?

The Coldheart will be a pre-order bonus

Bungie has also announced that the Coldheart will be a pre-order bonus but it will be attainable in game starting from December 5th 2017.

As well as the laser beam Cabal destroyer that is Coldheart there will is also other pre-order bonuses that have been announced.

According to the Destiny 2 PlayStation store page, if you pre-order Destiny 2 you will now also get Kill-Tracker Ghost which could be some sort of Ghost shell or maybe a Ghost that tracks the amount of kills you get in game? There is also a Salute Emote and a Dynamic Theme. Nice.

Update on the Kill-Tracker Ghost

A user over at r/DestinyTheGame called PositronicEnby, has found a video on YouTube about the Kill-Tracker Ghost which is a new pre-order bonus and it looks like the ghost does indeed track the kills you get in game.

It appears the Kill-Tracker Ghost was at some point a Game exclusive but now seems to be available as a bonus no matter where you pre-order from. Take a look at the video below.

If you want the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle and all the other lovely stuff make sure you pre-order Destiny 2, which you really should have done by now.