Hello Games Release Mysterious 11 GB No Man’s Sky Update

Freighter customisation and much more added

No Man's Sky update 2.60

If you log in to your PS4 today and update No Man’s Sky, a new 11.413 GB update will start downloading. But what is in this update? No one is quite sure.

No Man's Sky 2.60 update

The update follows a mysterious Tweet posted to the official No Man’s Sky Twitter account yesterday by Sean Murray.

The cryptic tweet consists of a short video clip with, well, not much at all really. The video appears to be just distorted, static-like images. Perhaps with a hidden message or meaning waiting to be discovered. A short, strange audio clip also accompanies the video.

Users over on the No Man’s Sky Subreddit, who have already downloaded and installed the 2.60 update, are starting to report some findings.

A user has reported that there are some changes to Freighters with this latest update. Namely that there is an option to change the colour of your Freighter. But the option appears to be currently locked. The same user also reports that the entire game seems to have some new lighting effects which are brighter and more detailed.

Other users seem to corroborate the update to Freighters in No Man’s Sky. With more users confirming that Freighter customisation is now in the game and you can buy additional colours for 5000 Nanites.

Update: No Man’s Sky players are now confirming that Freighter Customisation is now possible.

Players have also worked fast to find even more new stuff;

  • A portal on your freighter
  • Freighter inventory slots upgrades
  • Derelict Freighter, which you can salvage tech from for upgrading your own freighter
  • Multitool Changes
  • Unlockable player titles

Check out the Reddit post for everything players are finding with the 2.60 No Man’s Sky update.

Official patch notes for the update have yet to be released.