How to get the Exclusive Athena Victorious Sparrow

Get this cool sparrow if you are a Virgin Media customer

Destiny 2 exclusive Virgin Media sparrow

For once, being a Virgin Media customer has its benefits. If you’re a Virgin Media Fibre customer you can grab the exclusive Virgin Media Destiny 2 sparrow called Athena Victorious.

This promotion was actually leaked a while back when Virgin Media accidentally made the promo page live, it was quickly taken down however.

Now the Promotional Page is back live and has all the info you need to get your hands on this rather tasty looking sparrow.

According to the promotional page the Athena Victorious sparrow is “a single-passenger, all-terrain thrust bike with one purpose: moving from objective to objective with unmatched speed. Quick, quiet, and simple to transmat, Sparrows enjoy surpassing popularity among Guardians working in the field.”

Also on the promo page is possible the Athena Victorious flavour text “Wisdom for all. Victory for few”

So how do you get this awesome exclusive sparrow? According to the promo page all you have to do is visit from September 6th and enter your Virgin Media account details to claim your sparrow code, the code can then be redeemed in-game possibly or on the website.

The redeemsparrow page is currently not live but should be live on September 6th.

If you’re not a Virgin Media customer, the sparrow will be available through gameplay starting on 1st January 2018.