New PSVR2, PS5 & PS4 Games Coming This Week – February 20th to 24th

It’s PS VR2 Laucnh Week!

New games coming this week PS VR2 launch week

This week is a big, big week for new game releases. It’s PS VR2 launch week and on the 22nd of February when the PS VR2 drops it brings with it a whole host of PS VR2 games. If you are getting the PS VR2 on launch day then you have games like Horizon Call of the Mountain, The Light Brigade, Kayak VR Mirage, Tentacular and an absolute ton of others to choose from.

On the non-VR front, this coming week will also see Atomic Heart and Like a Dragon: Ishin hit shelves. And later in the week the well-reviewed Octopath Traveller II also comes out.

But this week is undoubtedly all about PS VR2 and you can check out all the PS VR2 launch day games below. Just a small note, it has been difficult to determine without doubt the PS VR2 launch day line-up. PlayStation has published a launch window line-up but some games that are listed below may or may not actually arrive on launch day.

Some games that are coming on PS VR2’s launch day will also have free updates or free upgrades from the PS4/PSVR version. I have highlighted these games to the best of my knowledge.

New PS VR2, PS5 & PS4 Games Coming This Week – 20th to 24th February 2023

Tuesday 21st February

Wednesday 22nd February

Thursday 23rd February

Friday 24th February