No Man’s Sky Origins Patch 3.01 Fixes Buried & Floating Bases

Bases Fixed

No Man's Sky Origins patch fixes buried and floating bases issue

No Man’s Sky Origins released only yesterday and already the good folks at Hello Games have released a patch to fix a bug which caused bases to be buried underground or floating in mid-air.

As reported yesterday, the Origins update caused some strange anomalies with players’ bases.

Some players found their bases buried deep under the planet’s surface, so deep in fact that they couldn’t get to it. When I logged in yesterday, I found my base to be floating in midair. Seemingly teleported hundreds of feet into the sky.

No Mans Sky Origins palnet and base anomoly
No Man’s Sky Origins Floating Base

Thankfully, No Man’s Sky Origins now has a patch that fixes the base problems. As you can see below, my home base of New Scotland on Planet Matok 83/B6 is now firmly on the surface of the planet.

According to the No Man’s Sky website, the base issue was caused by the surface of planets moving unexpectedly. Affected planets and bases have been restored to their pre-Origins state.

No Man's Sky Origins patch puts my base back ont he ground

Patch 3.01 is available now on PS4. It’s a really small download so won’t take long to install. If you don’t have No Man’s Sky for PS4, it’s going pretty cheap right now so might be worth picking up. It’s also playable in PSVR.

No Man’s Sky Origins update expands the universe significantly by adding a host of new things to the game. There are volcanoes, massive buildings, new alien creatures and insect species. Like this huge flying thing below.

No Man's Sky Origins insect species
A new alien insect species in No Man’s Sky Origins

When I started scouting around my home planet yesterday, it was absolutely teeming with new life and tons of new stuff to see and explore.

If you love open-world games with tons of exploration then there’s no beating No Man’s Sky. There is literally an entire universe to explore.