No Man’s Sky Waypoint: How to Get and Use the New Trade Rocket

We have lift off!

No Man's Sky screenshot of traveller next to the Trade Rocket

No Man’s Sky’s Waypoint update was released on Friday and brought with it a wealth of updates and changes to the game. One update included with the Waypoint update was a piece of buildable technology called the Trade Rocket.

The Trade Rocket lets you deploy a personal rocket on a planet’s surface, fill it with stuff you want to sell, and then blast it off to the Galactic Trade Network for extra units.

Here’s the in-game description of the Trade Rocket:

A personal rocketry device witha direct link to the Galactic Trade Network. This unit allows the user to load a small spacecraft with goods. Upon launch,. the goods will be transported to the nearest trade terminus and automatically sold.

The Trade Rocket will be particularly useful for travellers who are mining or farming a lot of high-value resources and who want to sell these for profit. You can just launch the Trade Rocket and sell your stuff without having to leave the planet’s surface.

Check out the video below for where to get the Trade Rocket blueprint and to see the Trade Rocket in action.

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How to get the Trade Rocket

To acquire the Trade Rocket blueprint, you will have to summon the Anomaly and then head inside. Once you are in the Anomaly, head up the ramps to the area where you can learn blueprints, go to Iteration Selene (Exosuit Upgrades) and interact to open the blueprints menu.

screenshot of the Trade Rocket blueprint at the Exosuit Upgrades vendor in the Anomaly

The Trade Rocket blueprint will cost a meagre 90 nanites to purchase.

To install the Trade Rocket technology in one of your exosuit technology slots you will need:

  • 2 x Wiring Loom
  • 120 x Tritium
  • 90 x Di-hydrogen

Wiring Loom can be bought from practically any space station trade terminal. Tritium can be mined from asteroids, bought at some trade terminals or bought from some aliens landing their ships in the space station. Di-hydrogen can be mined on every planet (blue crystals.)

Once you have acquired the blueprint, hover over an empty technology slot on your exosuit inventory. Then press X to install technology and scroll down to find the Trade Rocket the press X to build. Now it’s time to head to a planet’s surface to try it out.

Using the Trade Rocket

Once you have landed on a planet’s surface, you can summon the Trade Rocket just like you would summon your starship. Press down on the d-pad to access the menu, go to Summon Vehicles then Summon Trade Rocket.

screenshot of the Trade Rocket being summoned
Summoning the Trade Rocket

When your Trade Rocket has landed you can then interact with it by long pressing Square. You can now load up the Trade Rocket with anything you want to sell from your exosuit inventory. Once you filled the Trade Rocket with the resources you want to sell, just long-press the LAUNCH ROCKET button and watch as it flies off to the Space Station to sell your stuff at the Galactic Trade Network.

Trade Rocket inventory
The Trade Rocket inventory

You can follow the Trade Rocket

Here’s a cool thing about the Trade Rocket. A user on the No Man’s Sky subreddit found out that you can jump into your starship and follow the Trade Rocket. And it actually goes all the way to the Space Station. Pretty cool detail by Hello Games.