PS Plus Premium Tier PlayStation Classics Are Starting to Appear on PSN

Two PS1 games and a PSP game have been spotted on PSN

PlayStaton classic games from PS Plus premium tier appear on PSN backend

The newly revamped PlayStation Plus is about to launch on June 22nd in the UK & Europe. As you may already know, the new PS Plus service will have three subscription tiers: Essential, Extra and Premium. The Premium tier will have a ton of games available for streaming or download from PS1, PS2 and PSP.

A user on the Gaming Leaks and Rumours Subreddit has spotted that some of these games have started to appear on the PSN backend.

The Reddit user has noticed that Tekken 2 (PS1), Ridge Racers 2 (PSP) and Mr Driller (PS1) have shown up when searching the PSB API.

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Plus Premium tier will have an additional 340+ plus games. Including a catalogue of beloved classics from the PS1, PS2 and PSP. The PS1, PS2 and PSP games will be available to stream or download. There will also be PS3 games available for streaming as the new PlayStation Plus basically merges PS Now with PS Plus.

The new PlayStation Plus subscription service will launch on 22nd June in the UK & Europe. Current PS Plus subscribers will automatically move to a similar tier. So if you are subscribed to PS Plus you will move to the Essential tier.

Sony has also stated that subscribers can upgrade their subscription by paying the difference between their current tier and the new tier. PS Now subscribers will move onto the new Premium tier and can keep any stacked time on their subscription.

Source: Reddit via PSU