PS3 Still Has A Healthy Amount of Active Users

PS3’s still getting played 17 years after it launched

PS3 console and controller

The PS3 has nearly 2 million monthly active users according to a leaked presentation slide. The slide was leaked as part of the Insomniac Games hack and Exputer has reported on information contained within the slide, including that the PS3 still has millions of active users.

PlayStation 3 was released in 2006 and it is amazing to know that even 17 years after it launched it still has a healthy active player base. The leaked presentation slide which showed active PSN users across PS3, PS4 and PS5 was from February 2023. Information in the slide shows that in February 2023 PS3 had 1.9 million monthly active users.

In total PSN active users reached 107.5 million with PS4 accounting for 71.5 million users while PS5 accounted for 37.1 million active users. The rest of the figure was made up of the PS3 users and what Sony calls “off-console” users.

Knowledgable Redditors on the r/PlayStation subreddit think that PS3’s fairly high active user numbers are due to it having free online play (remember that) and the fact that it can be hacked to play pirated games, making it popular in poorer and developing countries.

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While the PS4 still proves to be the most popular PlayStation console due to selling about 120 million units, the PS5 is quickly catching up with its predecessor. Sony recently announced that the PS5, which launched in 2020 had surpassed 50 million units sold through to gamers worldwide.

Source: exputer via PlayStation Lifestyle