Spider-Man 2 Actor Yuri Lowenthal Confirms He’s In Helldivers 2

Performance was “heavily inspired by Starship Troopers”

Yuri Lowenthal's face superimposed over a Helldiver

Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker actor Yuri Lowenthal has confirmed that he is involved in Helldivers 2. The actor Tweeted the confirmation earlier today and said his performance was heavily inspired by Starship Troopers.

Although the actor has confirmed he is in Helldivers 2, his IMDB page does not list the game as one of his credits. As well as starring in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as Peter Parker, Lowenthal is also starring in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. His IMDB credits also list Lowenthal as being in the still-development Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Remake.

Helldivers 2 features quite a lot of over-the-top voice acting, heavily inspired by the 1997 sci-fi action adventure film Starship Troopers. During gameplay, Helldivers can be heard shouting out such lines as “how about a nice cup of Liber-Tea” or “For Democaracyyyyy.” Or Helldivers can sometimes shout out classic lines like this…

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The comedic tone and over-the-top voice acting make Helldivers 2 an absolute joy to play. Server and login issues aside, the game looks like it will have a bright future. Helldivers 2 is developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and is one of PlayStation’s live-service games. It’s out now on PS5 and PC.