Spider-Man 2 Central Park Spider-Bots Locations

Tehre are 2 Spider-Bots to find in Central Park

Spider-Man 2 screenshot

Spider-Bots in Marve’s Spider-Man 2 are collectables that you can find throughout the map. When you get close enough to a Spider-Bot location you will see an energy pulse emitting from the Spider-Bot.

In this guide, I’ll show you where to find the SPider-Bots in Central Park.

Central Park Spider-Bots

There are only two Spider-Bots to be found in Central Park.

Spider-Bot 1 – Iron Spider Spider-Bot

This Spider-Bot can be found in the northwest part of Central Park. It is located under a bridge with a road under the bridge.

Central Park Spider-Bot 1

Spider-Bot 2 – Spider-Man 1602 Spider-Bot

This Spider-Bot can be found in the centre of the Central Park area. It is on top of a rock formation. There is a path but the side of the rocks.

Central Park Spider-Bot 2

And that is all the Spider-Bots in Central Park.

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