Taking a Look at the Destiny 2 PS4 Exclusives

A look at what exclusives PlayStation Guardians will be getting in Destiny 2

Taking a look at Destiny 2 PlayStatoin exclusives

Just like Destiny, there is also Destiny 2 PlayStation exclusives, which is good for me as I will be playing on PS4. Let’s take a wee look at what us PlayStation guardians will be getting.

But first, here’s the Destiny 2 exclusive content trailer.

Exclusive Armour

Destiny 2 PS4 Exclusive Armour
PS4 will have exclusive armour

PlayStation Guardians will be getting some nifty looking Destiny 2 armour sets.

Titans will have the Terra Concord armour, Warlocks will have the Tesseract Trace IV armour and Hunters will have the Icarus Drifter armour.

It has not been revealed how we will acquire this armour, but it will most likely drop as rewards from Strikes or Engrams.

Exclusive Ship

Destiny 2 PS4 exclusive ship City Apex
The City Apex PS4 exclusive ship

Next up is the PS4 exclusive ship called City Apex. It actually looks pretty cool with its aqua blue looking colour with white highlights. It will be something nice to look at while we’re flying into activities.

Exclusive Sniper Rifle

Borealis exclusive PS4 sniper rifle
The Borealis exclusive sniper

Next on the list of PlayStation exclusives is the Exotic Sniper Rifle called Borealis.

This bad ass looking sniper rifle has three damage modes, meaning you can swap between arc, void and solar damage at will – awesome.

Exclusive Strike

Lake of Shadows PS4 exclusive Strike
Lake of Shadows PS4 exclusive Strike

As with Destiny 1, PlayStation will also be getting an exclusive strike with Destiny 2.

This exclusive strike is called ‘Lake of Shadows’ and takes place in the European Dead Zone. Unfortunately though the strike features Taken enemies which means the Taken are still somewhat present in the Destiny 2 world.

The Taken where probably the most annoying enemies in Destiny and I honestly though that we had seen the last of the but sadly that is not the case.

Exclusive PvP Map

PS4 exclusive PvP map
PS4 Guardians also get an exclusive PvP map

Last but not least on the PlayStation exclusives list is ‘Retribution’ the exclusive PvP map.

From the environment screens I have seen of Retribution, it looks like it may be located on a giant ship? Maybe a Cabal ship? I’m not sure though. You can take a look at the environment screens at the bottom of this post.

I’ve never been particularly impressed with any of the PlayStation exclusive maps in Destiny but hopefully Retribution will be better.

That’s all the PlayStation exclusives that will be in Destiny 2 at launch, they will remain exclusive until at least fall 2018 according to Bungie and Activision.

I’ve uploaded some of the PlayStation exclusive screenshots below, take a look.

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