You can now get Destiny 2 Scented Candles Even More Stuff

From bathrobes to scented candles, you can now get your hands on some Destiny 2 mechandise from Numskull Designs

The Destiny 2 promotions and merchandising seems be growing arms and legs recently. First we had Destiny 2 Rockstar energy drink promo cans and the over in the USA, the Americans can stuff there face with Destiny 2 promo Pop Tarts.

Now Numskull, a UK based company has gotten on the Destiny 2 hype train and launched a line of rather nice looking Destiny 2 merchandise.

Destiny 2 scented candles
Now you can have Destiny 2 branded scented candles for bath time

According to the press release from Numskull, the most interesting items are the Destiny 2 scented candle set and the replica 3D Ghost key chain.

As well as scented candles and ghost key chains, there are mugs, bathrobes and even Christmas baubles to decorate your tree on Chrimbo! In total there are 22 products in the Destiny 2 range which consists of:

• A scented candle set (sold with or without Ghost candle holder)

• Onesies

• Bathrobes (2)

• Bottle Opener

• Ice Cube Tray

• Xmas baubles / Ornaments

• Fridge magnet set

• Key chains (4)

• Wallets (2)

• Steel Mugs (2)

• Heat reactive mug

• Snapbacks (2)

The full range of Destiny 2 merchandise with images can be seen on the Numskull website.

The Destiny 2 merchandise is designed, distributed and manufactured by Numskull so I guess by buying some of the products you’ll be helping out the UK economy.

The merchandise is available in the UK from Game stores and Amazon UK and others. The prices for some of the items seem reasonable and from the pictures it appears that they would be of good quality.

So, if you’ve ever wanted some Destiny 2 scented candles or a Destiny 2 mug to drink a nice cup of tea out of nows your chance. The merchandise releases on 5th September and you can pre-order now.