Latest Wolverine Rumour Claims 2025 Release and Darker, More Violent Tone

More of a guess than a rumour or leak

screenshot from Marvel's Wolverine game sowing Wolverine with his claws extended

Insomniac’s Wolverine game for PS5 is at least a year or two away. The most recent “leak” of a release date came from a concept artist who has or is working on the game. In that leak, the artist claimed via their ArtStation profile that the game would be coming next year, in 2024.

Now, a new rumour claims that Mavel’s Wolverine will actually be released in 2025. The source of this rumour/leak is an X (formerly Twitter) user called DanialRPK. DanielRPK apparently locked this tasty tidbit of a rumour behind Patreon, which would have cost £2.40 to view.

Thankfully, another Twitter user called Mutants Updates reposted the information. (via r/GamingLeaksandRumours)

According to this new rumour from DanielRPK, Wolverine is set to release in 2025. It will also feature a darker and more violent tone, which makes sense for a Wovlerine game I guess. The other part of the rumour claims that it will feature Madripoor, a fictitious country in the Marvel universe. Oh and apparently the game will be exclusive to PS5 but I think that was obvious.

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More of a guess than a leak

The folks over on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit think this is a fairly safe leak (read Guess) for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the Madripoor bit. If you watched the trailer and paid close attention to the bar area, you would probably notice a chalkboard price list behind the bar. The chalkboard has “The Princess Bar” written on it. Marvel fans probably know where this bar is located. As I am not a huge Marvel fan (I like the films and obviously the PlayStation games) I searched the Marvel Wiki.

screenshot of Marvel's Wovlerine PS5 trailer with The PRicness Bar highlighted

Sure enough, Princess Bar is located in Madripoor, in the Lowtown district of the country. So, a pretty easy guess there since the trailer essentially tells you where it takes place.

The second part of the rumour is the date. 2025 is a very safe bet for Wolverine to release. 2024, 2025 it could be either. Good chance it is 2025 though but who knows?

Apart from these rumours and leaks, we also know that Marvel’s Wolverine takes place in the same universe as Insomniac’s Spider-man games. We also know that development is well underway. In April last year, Wovlerine’s lead animator Mike Yosh posted a picture of an empty Motion Capture studio to Twitter. Alongside the photo were the words “So peaceful and quiet, … it will not be like this for long.” This was apparently alluding to Motion Capture work starting on the game.

Whenever Marvel’s Wolverine does release, if it’s even half as good as Spider-Man 2 then it’s going to be one hell of a game.