Moss: Book 2 – How To Get The Nutcracker Trophy

That armoured Screecher didn’t stand a chance

moss book 2 nutcracker trophy guide screenshot and bronze trophy icon

The Nutcracker trophy in Moss: Book 2 is a bronze trophy in which you have to destroy an armoured Screecher with a piston.

There is only one place where you can get this trophy. In the chapter From The Ashes, when you are in the Foundry with Quill, you will come across a room with two platforms and some enemies. In the back right of this room, you will see a spiral staircase that Quill can climb to take her to the area above.

The spiral staircase Quill needs to climb to get tot he room for the Nutcracker trophy

Once Quill has climbed the staircase, she will now be in an area with two pistons. A couple of armoured Screechers will appear and you have to get an armoured Screecher onto the plate below the piston so that the piston will crush it.

Moss Book 2 Nutcracker trophy - Armoured Screecher on the piston plate

To get the Screecher onto the piston plate, first, make sure QUill is on the slightly higher platform behind the pistons. Then, stand near the edge of one of the pistons and wait until a Screecher takes a swipe at you. Dodge the screecher’s attack, and if you are in the right spot, the screecher will fall onto the piston plate. Now just wait for the piston to crush the armoured Screecher.

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And that is all there is to it. Once the piston destroys the armoured Screecher, the Nutcracker trophy will pop.