New PS5, PSVR2 & PS4 Games Coming This Week, March 4th to March 8th

This week you can play mini golf in an icey lair, become a Taxi driver and destroy things

New PS5 PSVR2 and PS4 games coming this week

A new week filled with new game releases is here. And this week is filled with a great selection of new PS5, PSVR2 and PS4 games.

There are a lot of games coming out this week that are worthy of a mention and possibly worthy of your time and money. But let me talk about just a few of what I think will be the top picks for the week.

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First up, let’s talk destruction. Two games are coming this week where destruction seems to be an integral part of the game. Bang-on-Balls Chronicles, despite its hilarious name, is a destructible open-world sandbox adventure with combat, platforming, character customization, and collect-a-thon scavenger hunt experience. Technically it’s not a new game but rather it is a PS5 upgrade for the PS4 version. With this upgrade, you’ll be able to experience the sandbox game in glorious 4K at 60 FPS.

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Next in the destruction category is ABRISS – build to destroy. ABRISS is a stylish physics destruction game where you can build things and then destroy them. The game features a complex destruction system, an extensive campaign and a sandbox with a cool-sounding endless mode. There’s even a snapshot mode where you can capture massive explosions and impressive cityscapes in photo mode. ABRISS – build to destroy comes to PS5 on March 7th.

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Another game worthy of a mention is Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator, it drives onto PS5 on March 7th. Taxi Life is a cross between a simulation and a management game, there’s plenty of driving to do and fares to pick up. The goal is to build and expand your Taxi business. You can think of Taxi Life as being a bit like Crazy Taxi without the crazy.

A Plethora of PSVR2 Games

PSVR2 owners are also in for a treat this week with four new games and an ice-cool new course for the excellent Walkabout Mini Golf.

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OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story is not just a spinoff of the Nox Noctis Gamesā€˜ previous game DO NOT OPEN, it is a step further into a more intense and immersive experience in PSVR2. OVRDARK comes to PSVR2 on March 7th. Update: Looks like OVRDARK suffered a last-minute delay. Developer Nox Noctus Studios writing on Twitter said that they “identified some aspects that we want to refine to deliver the best gaming experience for PSVR2”

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Another noteworthy PSVR2 game coming this week is System Critical 2. It’s a VR platforming shooter where you can use guns, melee weapons, grenades and shields to make your way through the levels. There are epic boss battles and tons of enemies to kill in this bigger and badder sequel.

Last but not least, fans of the amazing Walkabout Mini Golf will be able to slide onto a new course this week called Ice Lair. The course is carved into an Arctic glacier and conceals a mad scientist’s lair. Read my article on Ice Lair to find out more about the new course and new mechanics.

New PS5, PSVR2 and PS4 games coming this week

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