Sony Halves Number of Live Service Games to Be Released by 2026

Sony goes for quality over quantity

the last of us online concept art and concept art supposedly from a Horizon online game

In a Q&A with investors, Sony President, COO & CFO Hiroki Totoki revealed that PlayStation has essentially delayed 6 of its 12 planned live service games.

Sony had previously planned to bring more than 10 live service games to market by March 2026, as noted in its Q3 2021 financial results. “Through close collaboration between Bungie and the PlayStation Studios, we aim to launch more than 10 live service games by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2026 (“FY25”).“

In the most recent investor call, Totoki said that only 6 live service titles will be released by the Financial Year 2025 (by the end of March 2026.)

“About the 12 titles, we are reviewing this…we have not been able to meet the gamer’s expectations,

“About the 12 titles, we are reviewing this…we have not been able to meet the gamer’s expectations, We are trying as much as possible that this will be played by the gamers and liked by gamers for a long time,” Totoki said during his Q&A with investors.

Totoki continued “[Of] the 12 titles, 6 titles will be released by FY25, that’s our current plan. As for the remaining 6 titles [as for when they will be] released, we are still working on that.”

“Mid to long term we want to [push or encourage?] this kind of service and that’s the unchanged policy of our company.” Totoki then went on to say that for the gamers, quality should be the most important thing “It’s not that we stick to certain titles, but for the gamers, quality should be the most important. That’s how I feel about it.”

Quality Over Quantity

The Last of Us multiplayer concept art

It seems clear that Sony has had a re-think over its live service or Gaas(Games as a Service) proposals. Many fans think that if Sony were to release 12 live service games in such a short period of time then most of them would be, well not very good.

So this is a positive step Sony is taking to ensure that the live service games they do end up releasing or of high quality. And should match the quality standards met by Sony’s single-player, narrative-driven games.

So what are the six live service games PlayStation now plans to release by 2026? Well, there is Helldivers 2 from Arrowhead Game Studios. This launched in February next year for both PS5 and PC. There is of course Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us online game, which is still being worked on and hasn’t been cancelled says the games director. But it remains to be seen if this will actually be one of the six released by FY25 or will be one of the games delayed.

Other confirmed games include Concord from Firewalk Studios and Fairgame$ from Haven Studios. There is also The Horizon online game which has already had gameplay footage leaked. And there is also Bungie’s Marathon. Sony’s London Studio is also working on an online, co-op combat game set in a modern fantasy London.