See What’s Next for PS5 at the PlayStation Showcase This Thursday

See what games are coming to PS5 this holiday season and boyond

PlayStation Showcase 2021

The folks over at Sony Interactive Entertainment have announced a PlayStation Showcase broadcast for this Thursday, September 9th 2021. The PlayStation Showcase 2021 broadcast will show us what’s in store for PS5 for in the near future.

“You’ve been awfully patient, and we thank you for that. And now we’re looking forward to showing you what we’ve been working on.” said Sid Shuman, Senior Director for SIE Content communications as he announced the Showcase on the PlayStation Blog.


The PS5 showcase will be around 40 minutes long and will feature updates from PlayStation Studios developers as well as other imaginative developers from the gaming industry. The showcase will show off games releasing this holiday season and beyond.

After the broadcast has aired, there will be even more updates from the games studio teams featured in the showcase.

What will we see at the PlayStation Showcase?

The PlayStation blog post states that the next generation of PSBR (PSVR 2) won’t be making an appearance. So no new info on PSVR 2 just yet it seems. However, the blog post also says that there will be plenty of PS5 games from developers large and small.

Horizon Forbidden West

We will probably see a launch trailer from Deathloop, which has already had its own State of Play. The action-stealth shooter from Arkane is due to launch a few days after the showcase on September 14th, so a launch trailer seems likely.

Hopefully, we’ll see more from Horizon Forbidden West, which recently got a release date of February 18 next year.

We might also get a bit more info on the new God of War as the blog post did not say it wouldn’t be making an appearance.

Also in the PlayStation Studios in GT7, which is yet to get some a light shone on it, so that may well make an appearance too.

A new Infamous game is also rumoured to be making an appearance at the PlayStation Showcase this Thursday.

Hogwarts Legacy might also make a brief appearance as might Square Enix’s Forspoken might also get some screen time.

We will no doubt see a few games from indie developers as well.

Where to watch the PlayStation Showcase?

The PlayStation Showcase 2021 broadcast takes place this Thursday, September 9th. You will be able to tune in on the usual official PlayStation channels on YouTube and Twitch.

Source: PlayStation Blog