Guerrilla Confirms Existence of a Horizon Online Game

Online co-op game set in Horizon universe will have new characters and a new stylized look

Horizon Forbidden West screenshot

PlayStation Studio Guerrilla Games has confirmed that a Horizon online co-op game is in the works. Guerrilla confirmed the existence of the rumoured game when they posted about job openings on Twitter.

The Horizon online co-op game will feature new characters and a “unique stylized look” Guerrilla has said.

In the Tweet, Guerrilla said they are continuing to create “epic solo adventures” for Aloy. But the Amsterdam-based PlayStation Studio also has an internal team working on a separate online project set in Horizon’s universe.

The only other info we have about this new title is that it will be a co-op game. As Guerrilla also says in the Tweet that “friends will be able to explore the majestic wilds of Horizon together.”

The job listings themselves do go into a bit more detail about what the Horizon online game may entail.

In the Game Writer job listing one of the tasks is to “pitch compelling ideas for quests, factions, and backstories.” This suggests that the Horizon online game will be a much deeper experience than just simply a matchmade co-op experience.

For the Narrative Designer role, the successful applicant will have to “determine how to tell a deep, complex story.” As well as “Develop narrative designs for quests, gameplay activities and game features.”

The Horizon online game certainly sounds pretty exciting so far. And it seems like it will be an ongoing live-service type of game. Sony has previously said that they want to release over ten live-service games by April 2026. So it does look like Horizon’s online co-op game will be one of them.

Sony also recently bought Destiny and Destiny 2 developer Bungie because of their live-service game experience. If the Horizon online co-op game turns out to be something like Destiny but set int he Horizon universe then I am all aboard. I just hope it isn’t as grindy.

Guerrilla haven’t mentioned any kind of release window for their Horizon online co-op game yet. But it will probably launch sometime between next year and April 2026 I would guess.

Source: Twitter via IGN