Guerrilla Confirms Horizon 3 is Coming

A Horizon single-player trilogy is confirmed and the Horizon Online game is on the way

Horizon Firbidden West Burning Shores screenshot - Aloy

Guerrilla Games has pretty much just confirmed that they are working on a third Horizon single-player game featuring Aloy.

In a message posted to its website announcing that Studio Director Angie Smets is starting a new role as Head of Development Strategy at PlayStation Studios, the Horizon developer said that they are “expanding the world of Horizon with Aloy’s next adventure.”

Guerrilla has hinted at a third game in the Horizon series before. In December, Guerrilla tweeted some job openings and confirmed the existence of the Horizon online game. Within that post, it stated that they are “continuing to create epic solo adventures for Aloy.” Of course, they could have been referring to Burning Shores but given this latest mention of “Aloy’s next adventure” we can safely say that a third Horizon game is well, on the horizon.

Guerrilla’s New Leadership

With Angie Smets taking on a bigger role at PlayStation Studios Guerrilla Games has done a bit of a management restructure which it says will lead them into a bright future.

Guerrilla’s new management team now consists of Joel Eschler (Studio Director and Production Director) and Hella Schmidt (Studio Director and General Manager), alongside Jan-Bart van Beek (Studio Director and Art Director).

Although we are probably miles away from learning anything about what Aloy’s next adventure will be about. And with the time it takes to develop AAA games these days, we might not see Horizon 3 until the PS6 launches, it certainly looks like the future is bright for Guerrilla Games and the Horizon franchise.

We’ve yet to get any concrete details about the Horizon Online Game but some gameplay from a very early build was leaked in January. Apart from that there is also a Horizon TV show in the works at PlayStation Productions. It probably won’t feature Aloy but Horizon fans certainly have plenty to look forward to.