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PSVR2 sense controllers
New PS5, PSVR2 and PS4 games coming out this week February 12th to 16th 2024. Image shows artwork for Skull and Bones, Suvivorman VR, SMallands Survive the WIlds and Banishers Ghosts of New Eden
All the new games coming to PS5, PSVR2 and PS4 this week. Image shows Helldivers 2, Mixture and Legendary Tales
State of Play branding
Crossfire Sierra Squad screenshot and game cover art from physical game box
Crossfire Sierra Squad screenshot
Survivorman VR: The Descent key art
Vertigo 2 screenshot - taking a photo with the camera phone
PlayStation Store top downlaods of 2023. Images of Hogwarts Legacy, Pavlov and Spider-Man 2 with PlayStation Store icon in the foreground
Vertigo 2 screenshot showing the camera phone and taking a selfie for the SMile trophy
new PS5, PSVR2 and PS4 games coming this week