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Create Snow Falling Effect In Photoshop

In this Photoshop Tutorial, we will create falling snow as well as snow on the ground for a festive Christmas scene. Taking your camera out when it’s snowing and often times windy is not always ideal so with this effect, you won’t need to bother, just take winter pictures when …

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10 FREE Photoshop Textures + How To Apply Them To Your Photos

One easy and quick way to improve your photos and give them a special artistic look is to apply a texture to them. What you’ll want to do is in Photoshop, copy and paste a texture on your photo and then change its Layer Blending Mode to either OVERLAY, SOFT …

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How To Create Gradients in Photoshop Without Banding

You might have been frustrated in the past whenever you would try to add a light effect on an image using a radial gradient by the banding and halos you’d be seeing. I hope this tutorial will give you a few pointers on how to create a smooth radial gradient …

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17 FREE Background Patterns For your Websites!

Recently, I created a few backgrounds for a WordPress blog I’m designing and got carried away. I ended up making 17 different versions of the first one. Then I thought, why not share them on this site! So here are 17 high-quality textured background / background patterns to use for …

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24 WordPress Themes for Tutorial Sites & Design Blogs

Tutorial sites, whether they are about graphic design, photography, SEO or any other topics, are extremely popular these days and when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme for such sites, there’s a certain template style that seems to have been designed specifically for them. This style so popular with …

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