All The Big Announcements & Reveals at PlayStation’s June 2022 State of Play

A recap of all the big games, announcements and reveals from yesterday’s State of Play

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Yesterday’s State of Play broadcast was a biggie. A total of 14 game announcements and reveals were crammed into just under 30 minutes of runtime. There were some games we had seen before, new trailers and release dates. We also got our first glimpse of the amazing gameplay from Horizon Call of the Mountain. And our first look at some games in development for PS VR2.

So in case you missed it or just want a quick recap of the announcements and reveals from last night;’s State of Play then read on. You can also watch the full State of Play broadcast from yesterday which I have embedded below.

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Resident Evil 4 Announcement

Game: Resident Evil 4
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: March 24, 2022

Resident Evil 4 was announced at last night’s State of Play. The remake of the 2005 game of the same name also got a release date. The game will be heading to PS5 on March 24th, 2022. It was also revealed that some PS VR2 content is also in development for the game. Nice. Read more about Resident Evil 4 on the PlayStation Blog.

Street Fighter 6 Revealed

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Game: Street Fighter 6
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: 2023

Street Fighter 6 was revealed during the State of Play. Not only did we get to see some brutal fighting action by the way of a trailer, but it was also revealed that the latest Street Fighter game will be coming to PS4 and PS5 in 2023. The trailer looks pretty great and shows some open-world exploration aspects as well as the traditional fighting view. Read more about Street Fighter 6 on the PlayStation Blog.

Final Fantasy XVI – New Trailer & Release Window

Game: Final Fantasy XVI
Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: Summer 2023

Final Fantasy fans were left thrilled after yesterday’s State of Play as PlayStation and Square Enix dropped the new Dominance trailer for Final Fantasy 16. The trailer shows some of the high-octane combat that you’ve come to expect from Final Fantasy and a glimpse into the story too. Fans of the series will need to wait until Summer next year before they get their hands on the game though. But all good things come to those who wait. Read more about Final Fantasy XVI on the PlayStation Blog.

Resident Evil Village is coming to PS VR2

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Game: Resident Evil Village (PS VR2)
Developer: Capcom Dev 1
Release Date: TBC

There were a few PlayStation VR2 announcements at last night’s State of Play and Resident Evil Village was among them. Capcom’s latest game in the Resident Evil series is getting the VR treatment and is in development for PlayStation VR2. The game promises even deeper immersion using the technology of the PS5 and PS VR2 headset and controllers. Read more about Resident Evil Village for PS VR2 on the PlayStation Blog.

Horizon Call of the Mountain shows off incredible gameplay

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Game: Horizon Call of the Mountain
Developer: Guerrilla / Firesprite
Release Date: TBC

One of the most exciting reveals during yesterday’s State of Play was the first gameplay footage from PS VR2 exclusive Horizon Call of the Mountain. The gameplay with climbing, bow and arrow shooting and ferocious machines looks simply awesome. Now imagine that but with the PS VR2 headset on and you can start to imagine just how immersive this game will be. Still no release date for PS VR2 though. Read more about Horizon Call of the Mountain on the PlayStation Blog.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution is coming to PS VR2

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Game: The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution
Developer: Skydance Interactive
Release Dates: Late 2022 (PSVR), 2023(PS VR2)

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is one of my favourite PS VR games and I was praying that Retribution would be revealed for PS VR2. My prayers were answered and the next chapter of The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners will be on PS VR2 in 2023. The game will also come to PSVR1 in late 2022. Check out the trailer above to see how the PS5 and PS VR2 improves the game over the first. You can read more about Chapter 2: Retribution over on the PlayStation Blog or on my article here.

No Man’s Sky is coming to PS VR2

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Game: No Man’s Sky
Developer: Hello Games
Release Date: Out Now(PS4, PSVR, PS5), TBC(PS VR2)

Hello Games’ ever-evolving and ever-expanding space exploration game No Man’s Sky was revealed to be coming to PS VR2. Hello Games founder Sean Murray also reiterated the greater immersion that will be felt due to the power of the PS5 and the PS VR2 headset and Sense controllers. The trailer shows the game looking stunning on PS VR2 and I can’t wait to do some exploring once it comes out. Read more about No Man’s Sky on PS VR2 on the PlayStation Blog.

Stray launches July 19th and will also be on PS Plus Extra/Premium

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Game: Stray
Developer: BlueTwelve Studio
Release Date: July 19th 2022 (also on PS Plus Extra/Premium)

BlueTwelve Studio’s cat adventure game Stray has finally gotten a release date. Our feline friend will be jumping into our laps on July 19th 2022. And if you decide to upgrade to the new PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium tiers, you’ll get to play the game for free on day one. Purrr! Read more about Stray on the PlayStation Blog.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales Head to PC

Marvel's Spider-Man remastered PC

This is a PlayStation Fansite, not a PC fansite, so I’ll keep this brief. Marvel’s Spider-man Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales are heading to PC this year. You can read more about it on the PlayStation Blog.

Rollerskating shooter Rollerdrome announced

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Game: Rollderdrome
Developer: Roll7
Release Date: August 16th 2022 (PS4/PS5)

If you like third-person shooters and roller skating then Rolelrdrome might just be for you. It’s a new game by Olli Olli World dev Roll7. The year is 2030 and a new Bloodsport craze called Rollerdrome has swept the world. Skate around and shoot at people it sounds and looks really fun actually and is sure to kick off the whole skater-shooter genre. If Rollerdrome looks like it might tickle your fancy then it will be rolling in on August 16th 2022 for PS4 and PS5. Read more about it on the PlayStation Blog.

The Callisto Protocol shows gameplay, announces the release date

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Game: The Callisto Protocol
Developer: Striking Distance Studios
Release Date: December 2nd 2022(PS4.PS5)

The Callisto Protocol from Dead Space dev Glenn Schofield (now at Striking Distance Studios) got its first gameplay trailer at yesterday’s State of Play. Striking Distance Studios also revealed that The Callisto Protocol would be released on December 2nd 2022 for PS4 and PS5. The game certainly has some serious Dead Space vibes and looks both stunning and terrifying in equal measures. You can read more about The Callisto Protocol on the PlayStation Blog.

Season: a Letter to the Future gets gameplay, story details

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Game: Season: A Letter to the Future
Developer: Scavengers Studio
Release Date: Autumn 2022 (PS4/PS5)

Season, now called Season a Letter to the Future was another game that was revealed quite some time ago. It’s undergone a change of name but the essence of the gameplay remains the same. At yesterday’s State of Play a new gameplay trailer for Season: a Letter to the Future was shown which also provided more info on the story. Season looks pretty intriguing and I’ll be interested to see how this plays when it releases in Autumn of this year. Read more about Seas: a Letter to the Future on the PlayStation Blog.

Tunic a game about a small Fox comes to PS5 and PS4 this year

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Game: Tunic
Developer: Finji
Release Date: September 27th 2022 (PS4/PS5)

Tunic, from developers Finji, is an isometric action game about a small Fox. In the game, players explore a land filled with lost legends, ancient powers and ferocious monsters.

Stranded in a ruined land, and armed with only your own curiosity, you will confront colossal beasts, collect strange and powerful items, and unravel long-lost secrets in Tunic, the celebrated action RPG created by Andrew Shouldice and an all-star team that helped make Chicory: A Colorful Tale, Cuphead, Celeste, Night in the Woods, and Dustforce.

Looks like the game is in good hands with a quality development team behind it. If Tunic looks like a game for you then it will be coming to PS4 and PS5 on September 27th. You can read more about the game and its development on the PlayStation Blog.

Eternights is a dating sim and action-adventure coming to PS4 and PS5

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Game: Eternights
Developer: Studio Sai
Release Date: Early 2023 (PS4/PS5)

A dating simulation and an action adventure seem like an odd combination for a game, but what do I know? Nothing, I can’t even make a game in PS4’s Dreams. But that is seemingly exactly what Eternights is. The debut game from new developers Studio Sai is a dating-action game where you try to make the most of life during an apocalypse. Sounds interesting indeed and you can read more about it on the PlayStation Blog.

And that is all the games, announcements and reveals from yesterday’s State of Play broadcast. I don’t know how Sony managed to cram so many awesome games and reveals into such a short period of time.

There’s certainly plenty to look forward to just based on the above list alone. Stray is looking very good and even more so since it will be free on the new PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers. The PlayStation VR2 games announced are looking just incredible. I only hope that Sony drops a release date soon and that it;’s not too far off.

Final Fantasy fans have FF16 to look forward to next year and there is The Callisto Protocol which also looks pretty damn good coming in December. It looks like this year and next is going to be very good years indeed for PlayStation fans.